Study Groups

Image Description Guidelines

When preparing the description of an image for the other members of the group, try to address your goal in taking the image, the equipment you used, the technique you employed, and any processing or adjustments you have made to this image.  This information will help the other members of the group to provide relevant comments. Using the headings Goal, Source, Technique, and Processing will help to organize the image description.


Title: Sika Hind and Fawn
Goal: Walking in pine forest and heathland to photograph wild deer in early Summer.
Source: Digital raw file, Zoom 80-400mm @270mm, f5.3, 1/100 second.
Technique: Stalking carefully with camera on tripod, freezing when deer were heard or appeared.
Processing: File adjusted in camera raw, cropped and sharpened. PSCS3: adjustment layer hue and saturation, sharpening.

Title: Gila Woodpecker
Goal: To shoot the woodpecker in morning light against the bark of the tree. 
Source: Nikon D700, 28-300 lens. 
Technique: I knew the woodpecker would return to this tree and waited for him to settle in the spot I focused on. 
Photoshop Processing: Crop, Smart Sharpen

Title: Pink Lady's Slipper
Goal: Capture the play of morning light on flower
Source: Digital (Olympus E-510)
Technique: Choosing earliest morning light, tripod at lowest vantage point, composing for dark background
Photoshop Processing: Contrast with curves and sharpening

Title: Slaty Skimmer Dragonfly
Goal: Capture typical posing of skimmers on reeds in pond
Source: Digital (Olympus E-510)
Technique: Choosing very early morning light, composing reed and dragonfly artistically on frame, balancing depth of field for background blur against sharpness of subject
Photoshop Processing: Cropping, sharpening, contrast with curves