Committee Chair

✉ Michael R. Anderson·


PSA members who wish to explore a specific photography topic, whether this is a new interest or a topic that the member has previously explored, have available PSA members who have experience regarding the topic and are willing to share their expertise as a Mentor. The exploration of this limited photography topic takes place via email and may include the sharing of images.

PSA members should look at the topics listed below and click on the words that describe a topic the member wishes to explore. Each Mentor webpage has the Mentor's portrait and name, a description of the topic, a list of references and/or resources, and photographs by the Mentor that illustrate the topic. The topic description, the references, and the Mentor's illustrative photos should be carefully reviewed before contacting the Mentor.  To start a session with a mentor click on the mentors name next to their portrait which will open an email to them, request a mentoring session with them and send the email or click the button that says “Contact this Mentor.” 

Process for Mentoring

Stage One
  • Contact with the member
  • Make sure the member has the outline of the process
  • Request three images for evaluation
  • Evaluate the images, make suggestions, show examples to demonstrate the particular discipline
  • Assign specific work for submission in Stage Two
Stage Two
  • Evaluate submitted work
  • Make specific corrections, if necessary, on the images presented. If not, present specific example images.
  • Encourage the member to create more images that represent what is said and submit them for evaluation
Stage 3
  • Continue Stage 2 by assigning new work for submission as long as the member wishes to continue.
  • Members who have experience in a topic that is not listed here, and are willing to share this experience with other PSA members, should contact the Mentor Committee Chair.
Mentors may not be able to return a member's email immediately if they are working or on a photo trip, and their travel schedule is private. If a Mentor does not respond in a week's time, please send another email to the Mentor. If the Mentor does not respond following two weeks and two emails, please contact the Mentor Committee Chair.

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