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Leena-Maija Lindqvist, EFIAP/b

I was born in 1951. I have 4 children and 5 grandchilden. I have photographed all my life, but my international exhibition hobby began only after my children were adults. I have applied only FIAP distinctions: AFIAP 2009, EFIAP 2011, EFIAP/Bronze 2016. I have been also the FIAP Liaison Officer of Finland in 2007-2012. My photo club is Photo Club Vision (Kameraseura Mielikuva ry) in Finland. Now I am a pensioner and live with my husband and my dog in Portugal in winters, in Finland in summers.

I joined to PSA in the beginning of May, 2008. I have been too lazy to apply the distinctions of PSA -- maybe later.