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Biju Varghese Tholooruzhathil, SPSA

Biju Varghese is an avid photographer who works as a senior finance professional, based in Dubai. He captures through the camera lens, his poetic instincts for posterity.

Biju hails from a small town in Kerala, India, nestled amidst dense forests of the Western Ghats mountain range offering a breath taking natural habitat, free flowing streams and beautiful flora and fauna. This privilege of upbringing helped him to value nature in its true form, intuitively propelling to choose photography as a medium to express himself about the serene surroundings.

He earnestly attempts to compose each of his pictures to reveal an interesting story, bringing to life a frozen moment. His present interest revolves around macro photography, capturing the living organisms like insects, bugs, ants, butterflies etc. His view of the world is vividly displayed in the photos, indeed a fine reward for patience and perseverance. He pays attention to catch minute details and avoid what is unnecessary. He says, "Personally, I find photography to kindle my creativity, act as a stress reliever, help me understand dimensions of light and time, and be one with nature. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, but I wish to end by echoing the saying of Destin Sparks, 'Photography is the story I fail to put into words!'"