Study Group 2

MJ Springett (C)

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Title:    Eagle Attack
Goal:   Photograph Eagles Interacting at Roadkill

Equipment/Source:     Canon 70D with 150-600mm Tamron Lens at 600mm F/11At 1/1000 ISO 1250

Technique:  Six Eagles were in dispute over a deer carcass that had been roadkill. Waiting in vehicle blind and trying to keep everything in focus

Processing:    Cropped, stabilized with Topaz Sharpen A1, and sharpened

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Title:    All eyes forward
Goal:    I love to follow the duck families as they grow up under adult supervision. Don't you wish your children were so well-behaved to follow with all eyes in the same plane, caught these ring necked duck juveniles out for a swim with mama. 

Equipment/Source:    Canon 70D with Tamron 150-600 at 600mm, 
Technique:   Vehicle blind and patiently watching the lake activity
f/16 at 1/750",ISO800 Aerture priority, Spot metered  

Cropped 30% to panoramic to emphasize the long line, Stabilized and sharpened with Topaz A1 

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Photography has always been my go-to activity when I have had spare time. My work as a cell biologist meant that data was recorded on film, developed and printed in a darkroom, and delivered to a principal research scientist. With the advent of digital photography the darkroom work was replaced by Photoshop but little else changed. Upon retirement, I now have time to pursue wildlife, landscape, and especially birds as my photographic subjects. We moved 100 miles north to be near a wildlife refuge that represents the glacial lakes and pine barrens of Wisconsin. We also enjoy the badlands of North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.