North America Membership

Quebec Province Membership Director (PMD):

   ✉ Viki Gaul, APSA, PPSA·

Newfoundland and Labrador Province Membership Director (PMD):
     ✉ Michael Winsor·

New Brunswick Province Membership Director (PMD):
   Click here to contact the membership director.

Nova Scotia / PEI Provinces Membership Director (PMD): 
   ✉ Bill Curry·

Canadian Maritime Area Membership Director (AMD):

 ✉ Viki Gaul, APSA, PPSA·

Welcome to the PSA Canadian Maritime Area!
Whether you are a PSA Member already, or you are entertaining the idea of becoming a PSA Member, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your interest.

The Maritime Area of PSA has members numbering in the mid twenties, and boasts two very active PSA clubs. The two PSA clubs are both in Nova Scotia: the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Lighthouse Photo Group. The Maritime Area is fortunate to be served by many clubs of various interests. Photo enthusiasts of every description and skill level gather in halls and auditoriums with the need to share their passion for capturing "moments" in time.

If any photo clubs and or individual enthusiasts would like to have information on PSA Membership, I can be reached through the contact information listed here on this page.

Both Club Memberships and Individual Memberships offer many benefits. Activities, learning opportunities, competitions, an annual conference, special offers and discounts on photographic products, and opportunities to meet people who share like interests in all areas of the photographic arena.

For those of you who already belong to the Photographic Society of America and reside here in the Maritime Area, I encourage you to participate in a joint project that will be announced in the near future. Denis Gionet, PQ, and I hope to get a project underway that will represent the PSA Membership of this unique region.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the Photographic Society of America as an avenue of personal interest or club interest.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

- Viki Gaul, APSA, PPSA, AMD, Canadian Maritime Area