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Kansas State
Director (SMD)

‚úČ Marty Welter·

Welcome to the Kansas State Membership home page. Thank you for visiting with us. Please come again!

As the Kansas State Membership Director, I welcome you to participate in the wealth of PSA's activities and services. From fields of sunflowers (our State Flower) to the majestic state capitol building in Topeka, photo opportunities abound here in the heartland of the USA! I'd love to hear from you!

I'm here to offer personal assistance to all PSA individual and club members in Kansas. And to entice the rest of you to join! Choose learning activities, photo competitions, or the sharing aspects. You'll make new photo friendships along the way!

Feel free to contact me with questions about how to:

Take PSA online courses
Get a PSA Mentor

Get a personal PSA Consultant, then log in and choose a category

If YOUR camera club isn't benefiting from PSA's resources for managing a great photo club, contact me for a review of our many services and activities. Or visit the Benefits of PSA Club/Council Membership page.

One of the winners of a prestigious 2012-13 Greenhood Scholarship is student Grant Puckett of Mission, KS. See photos and story in the PSA Journal that is on this site's sample journal page.

If you have a suggestion for a new photo activity, contact me. A state photo contest, seminar, workshop, field trip, and such.

    Welcome New Members!