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David Smalldon

My name is David Smalldon and I live in Michigan. I am relatively new to photography (only been taking photographs passionately for the past 4 years or so) but I am quite a voracious learner. Currently I'm doing a 365 project and I am the Michigan PSA State Membership Director.

A little about me: I am VERY much into movies and I was schooled in college in cinematography however currently I pursue photography more avidly (although I do videography for a local minor league baseball game during the warm months). Primarily I am a creative photographer. From day to day, I never know where my creativity might take me or what I might be shooting next. Creativity is the key to everything that I do and I believe that learning to be creative is something that ANYBODY can learn no matter what their skill level or what type of equipment they currently have.

My kit is a Canon t4i and I have a nifty fifty lens and a 250 variable zoom kit lens as well as a 50 mm variable zoom kit lens. I recently got myself one of the top of the line Canon Speedlites and have found a whole bunch of new ways to use that. My motto for equipment is simple..WHY BUY MORE? I feel that it makes people better photographically speaking if they learn to struggle with what they have instead of getting something new every time they face a new shooting situation.