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James D. Smith, PPSA

James has been around photography for most of his life, but only seriously took up amateur photography when he joined PSA in July 2011. He earned his PPSA in April 2015. He is a retired Professor of Biology (35 years at Calif. State Univ., Fullerton). He has a B.A. from Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale (1962), M.A. and Ph. D, from Univ. Kansas (1969).

James is a former member of the West Valley Photo Club (4 years Education Director). He is presently an active member of the Saguaro Camera Club. He is an award winning participant in the Arizona Camera Club Council (digital and prints) since 2012. He has participated in PSA International Exhibitions since August 2012. He is presently working on his 5th PIDC star, 4th PIDM star, and has his 3rd PTD star.

Since picking up his first DSLR camera, he has been a devoted HDR photographer and relishes creative post processing. He has presented numerous teaching workshops in the West Valley area of Phoenix where he and his wife Susan live in Surprise, AZ. James has travelled in Europe, Africa, Australia and Papua New Guinea. His most recent trip was a fantastic week in Old Havana, Cuba.