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Most PSA members can join or renew by selecting the appropriate options below. Individual members should click the gray "Select" box on the left side (below) and Clubs and Councils should choose the right "Select" box, below. If you do not wish to join online, you can download our Printable Renewal form, fill it out, and mail it in.

PSA Refund Policy

The PSA Membership fees are not to be treated as a Journal subscription.  The membership fee entitles the payer to the full range of PSA Member benefits for the membership period. It is standard PSA policy not to refund payments, for which a membership has been processed, a membership ID provided and access to services and all benefits enabled.  The standard membership term is for one year and will be maintained as an active membership for that period.  In those cases where a member has erroneously made multiple payments for the same period of membership, the additional payments may be refunded or, if the member agrees, used to extend the base membership. 

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If you love photography, you belong in PSA!

Benefits of PSA Individual Membership include:
  • Access to a full range of programs and services geared toward furthering the art and science of photography. (Programs and Services linked to Member Benefits page)
  • A world-class, monthly PSA Journal publication delivered in print or interactive, mobile format.
  • Members' Only discounts on photography-related products, excursions and services.
  • Customized photography education, mentoring and critiquing services to enhance photographic skill and artistry.
  • A worldwide community where like-minded individuals can share and encourage photographic growth and creativity.
Photo Organization
If your photo organization loves photography, it belongs in PSA!

Benefits of this membership:
  • Access to the Members' Only Club/Council Services area.
  • Online Club Forums where club members can share and encourage photographic growth and creativity.
  • Club Judging Services to assist photo organizations in finding qualified and willing judges for photo competitions.
  • Exposure to potential new club members through listing on the PSA Photo Organization webpage.
  • Competitions and Interclub contests for PSA-member Photo Organizations encouraging involvement and enhancing photographic skill and artistry.

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New PSA Membership
An individual or photographic organization wishing to join PSA and:

  • Has never registered for PSA membership by mail or online and wants to apply for first-time membership.
  • If you have ever been a member of PSA, please choose Renew/Rejoin to retain historical membership data.
Renew/Rejoin PSA Membership
An individual or photographic organization currently OR previously a member of PSA and wishing to:

  • Extend a current membership prior to member expiration date.
  • Restart a previous membership with PSA and retain historical membership data.

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