ROPA Galleries

Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) Galleries

When a PSA Member earns a PSA Distinction (i.e., QPSA, PPSA, EPSA, MPSA, GMPSA), the member is invited to submit several of their recent award winning images for a ROPA Gallery. ROPA stands for Recognition of Photographic Achievement. The member also submits a biography describing his or her photography interests and service to PSA. These biographies are often used by members to provide their credentials for judging.

There is a ROPA Gallery for each Distinction. ROPA recipients' images are displayed in the gallery for the highest Distinction they have received. If a member earns a higher distinction and already has a gallery, the gallery is updated and moved to the appropriate area on the site.

Create a ROPA Gallery

To create a ROPA Gallery, ROPA recipients need to submit three to six images that are representative of their best work (each with the image title in the jpg file name), a biography written in the third person that describes his or her photography interests and service to PSA, and a color head shot. 

Biographies should not include "currently" or "presently" as the biography needs to be accurate over time. It is best to say "since 200X" or "joined in 200X." Biographies will be edited to conform to the gallery standards (e.g., "Exhibition," not "Salon," is used). A review of the biographies in the ROPA Galleries will provide a pattern to follow. Biographies, gallery images, and head shots can be updated.

Use our online form to submit a ROPA gallery. NEW: The upload link for galleries is now available through the Members Only (My PSA) link after login. 

Those creating a gallery will receive email confirmation that the images have been received and whether additional clarification of the biography information is needed. A second email will indicate when the ROPA Gallery has been posted.