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Date / Time Posted - 2018-09-12 20:29:00

As all teachers return to high schools this year, please know that the Photographic Society of America has a wonderful international photographic competition for all high school age students.  Please visit  for more information.  Or contact

"For many students, this contest and the excellent awards have been the first real recognition they've ever received in school, perhaps in their lives, and this contest has been truly "life changing."  Students' different behavior after the awards program has been noticeable.  Their heads are held higher, and they speak with a bit of authority when they talk about their work.  It is one thing for me to tell them the work is good and quite something else and special when people like the Society acknowledge them.  This will be a lasting legacy, and so many of these students, for decades to come, will remember when they were told their work is worthy."  A.J. Johnson, teacher Kingfisher, OK