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PJD - 2017-09-05 16:34:00

  • DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 15 - There is still time to enter!
  • Two sections digital (20-slide and multimedia), 2 sections Print (Story Board and Book)
  • All successful entrants get 4 acceptance credits and 2 title credits toward star ratings
  • Eligibility and rules for the competition including entry form

With the deadline now extended to Sept 15, there is still time to enter a free Photo Story contest offering two digital sections--20-slide story and multi-media, and two print sections--story board and book.  A PJD gold medal will be presented to the best overall entry, as well as a silver medal in each section, and PSA honor ribbons throughout, based on the number of entries and the discretion of the judges. All award-winning stories, including HM's, will receive four acceptance credits and two title credits toward stars 1-5, or one title accepted three times toward Galaxy levels 1-5. The winners will be announced and displayed in Pittsburgh.  Every PSA member may enter up to two stories in each of the four sections, but any specific entry may be submitted to only one PSA division in the same year. Full details.