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PPD - 2020-04-20 15:24:00

  • Twin Barns by Sandy Dimke of Seabrook, South Carolina
  • Dana Vannoy, FPSA, MPSA, judged
  • Color and Mono Gallery

Sandy Dimke, of Seabrook, South Carolina, wins with the First Place Star Color print Twin Barns.

Dana Vannoy, FPSA, MPSA, this month’s judge, tells us “There are so many fine prints in this competition that I found myself looking for something very different as well as something that is an excellent piece of work technically. The image chosen for Print of the Month is Twin Barns by Sandy Dimke. This image is both. The composition and the natural colors are very pleasing. The background is an essential part of the picture, as essential as the barns. It makes the whole a great design, and the image is very impactful.”

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