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PJD - 2013-06-04 14:05:21

  • Huntington Camera Club first in Group A
  • West Cumbria first in Group B
  • Round 2 Club Standings
  • Awards & Honorable Mentions Gallery

Images judged in two Groups - A & B. Each Group has two themes: Open and Human Interest.
Group A, Open:
First: Chris Wilkins / Lancaster Photography Association
Second: Mervyn Misir Kumar / Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia
Third: Stan Noble / Huntington Camera Club

Group B, Open:
First: John Williams / West Cumbria Photo Group
Second: Bob Maddox / Charlotte Camera Club
Third: Scott Thomson / Duluth Superior Camera Club

Group A, Human Interest:
First: Barbara McCahill / Huntington Camera Club
Second: Merrill Heit / Huntington Camera Club
Third: Jane Strobach / Delaware Photographic Society

Group B, Human Interest:
First: Shelly Reed / Lincoln Camera Club
Second: Linda Kruzic / Lake County Camera Club
Third: Bob Kruzic / Lake County Camera Club