Diane Ebert

Diane was born in Highland Park, Il, lived in Indianapolis IN, and in January 1982 Diane's' family moved to Iowa. Diane grew up in the Arts because her family was involved in different aspects of art. Her mother used to sing professionally in Waterloo~ Cedar Falls before she was born. Also, Diane's Grandfather was an avid fly fisherman and photographer in his own right. Diane's father did some creative painting and building of personal functional furniture for her and her brothers, along with a tree house. To keep life interesting at birthday parties, her father loved to draw the Peanuts characters.

The mystery within abstract and candid forms of art mediums has always piqued Diane's creative heart. 2010 was the start of The Candid Shutterbug and a love affair with sharing some incredible land and waterscape, sunsets, and candid art with the photography medium to help inspire, uplift, and, give unconditional love to others. As an Iowa-based, award-winning, candid photographer, Diane invites you to come along for this visual journey, you never know what you will see.