3DD Interclub Competition

Director / Email
✉ Suzanne Hughes, APSA·
ROUNDS END: November 7, February 7, April 24

2016-2017 3D INTERCLUB RESULTS 2015-2016 3D INTERCLUB RESULTS 2014-2015 3D INTERCLUB RESULTS More of the previous years' results on bottom of page
» About / Info: Open to all PSA-member clubs. In areas with no active 3D club, informal groups of at least four may organize as a virtual club, join PSA, and participate. Club members do not have to hold membership in PSA.. For more information, contact the director at: ✉ 3DD-ICD@psa-photo.org.

Club registration: Send an email to the Director providing the club name, club PSA membership number, and the Club 3D Interclub Coordinator's name and email address. * Clubs may join this Interclub Competition any time during the competition year and will be allowed to make up the Round(s) the club has missed.

Groups & Entries / Round: One Group: 6 images, maximum of 2 images per member. An image, which has won an Award or Honorable Mention in a past 3D Interclub Competition will be considered ineligible and no points or awards will be given. Individuals may only compete with one club per season. - three rounds

Entry Method: Upload Images for the 2017-18 Season | Entry forms (Excel): November |  February | May

Rules & Awards / Round: 
Maximum of 2 stereo images per individual per competition. Top 5 images -1st thru 3rd, up to 5th place awards depending upon how many clubs enter. Awards & HMs depends on number of clubs. Certificate awarded to club scoring the most points after 3 rounds. Best Participation Certificate to club which utilizes its membership to the greatest extent.

End of Year (EOY) Awards: Best Images are awarded 3DD Gold Medal for 1st. Silver and Bronze Medal are awarded for 2nd and 3rd based on the number of competing clubs.

Information: Rules for entry (pdf). | Specifications for Creating Files for International Digital Exhibition.

» Model Release Required for Portrait Images

The entrant to this PSA activity needs to submit a signed Model Release with his/her entry for any portrait image, including all the recognizable likenesses of a human face, which were not taken in a public location. The entrant and model agree to hold PSA harmless against all claims and liabilities arising out of PSA’s publication, display, or other use of any portrait image submitted to PSA. Award images will be posted on the PSA web site and selected images may be published in the PSA Journal/Division Newsletters. Portrait images submitted without a Model Release, if selected for an award, will not be posted on the PSA website or published in the PSA Journal/Division Newsletters. For those who do not have a Model Release, a sample Model Release Form is linked below.

Sample Model Release Form - doc

To register for a PSA Division Interclub Competition, please contact the Interclub Competition Director listed at the top of this page. Clubs can register at any time and participate in as many or as few competitions as the club wishes; however, clubs need to register and participate in all of the offered rounds to be properly ranked in the year's standings.

A Consultant is available to help PSA-member clubs enter the Interclub Competitions. This service can be found in Clubs/Councils area, which is available after Club Representative login.