ND Star Ratings Program

ND Star Ratings Directors

Stars 1-5 

 Wenyuan (Wendy) Li, EPSA
✉  Vincent Liew, PPSA

ND Star Ratings Director

Galaxy, Diamond, & Photo Naturalist

 Bob Ossler
PSA members who have received acceptances in PSA-recognized Nature Exhibitions are eligible to apply for Nature Division (ND) Star Ratings. For additional information or help to apply for Nature Division Star Ratings, please send an email to the appropriate Director.

The Nature Division Star Rating program was initiated in 1953 as a method of providing exhibitors with recognition for their photographic proficiency in PSA-recognized Nature exhibitions. A member of PSA shall act in accordance with all applicable PSA Ethical Standards and Policy, both written and as obviously intended.

Eligibility for a Star

Applicants must be a member of PSA; however, acceptances received prior to membership are eligible for the First Star Rating requirements. Contact the Director for information regarding acceptances prior to membership. Please see the applications below for the format of a Nature Star Rating application.

Judging credits: A judge will only be allowed credits for two ND sections no matter how many ND sections of an exhibition they actually judged.

Basic requirements are:
1 STAR - at least 18 acceptances with at least 6 titles.
2 STARS - at least 36 acceptances with at least 12 titles.
3 STARS - at least 72 acceptances with at least 24 titles.
4 STARS - at least 144 acceptances with at least 48 titles.
5 STARS - at least 288 acceptances with at least 96 titles.

Galaxy/Diamond Ratings
Acceptances in a division after a 5-star rating can be applied toward the more advanced, Galaxy and Diamond Ratings. There are 10 levels of Galaxy and 10 of Diamond Ratings. See the complete chart of requirements for each level.


Beginning January 1, 2016, the fee for processing each Star Rating, Galaxy Award, or Photographer-Naturalist Award is $12.00.  This policy is not retroactive; that is, fees already submitted with Star Ratings, Galaxy Award, or Photographer-Naturalist Award applications will not be changed. Cash or checks drawn on US banks are acceptable. Credit cards and PayPal can also be used. Contact the Director if using PayPal.

There is no fee for processing a conversion.

Application - Mailed in

Download and print out the procedures to apply for a Nature Star Rating.

Application - Electronic

The Nature Division now accepts electronic applications and the procedure is described in each of these instructions. We have created Excel Spreadsheets that can be used for the email applications. Applicants can download the appropriate spreadsheet to prepare their applications. These spreadsheets can be used for both record keeping and for submittal of the application. Email the completed application to the appropriate director, noted below and listed above.