ND Historian

Marilyn Cloran

Nature Division

Marilyn Cloran, FPSA, MPSA


The Nature Division Historian is responsible for collecting, recording, and maintaining information deemed important to the Division. An Annual Report is prepared by the Division Historian for the PSA Historian by December 1 each year. This report covers the time from the end of the previous year's PSA Annual Conference to the end of the present year's Conference, in keeping with the Division Office terms.

Marilyn Cloran, FPSA, MPSA, can be reached by emailing: nd-historian@psa-photo.org

The Division Historian's Annual Report should include lists of:
  • The Division Officers, Directors, and other Officials
  • The Dates these volunteers served 
  • That year's recipients of Division Awards
  • All Division Activities and Competitions for Individuals
  • All Division Activities and Competitions for Clubs
  • Any important changes within the Division (e.g., changes in program or activity requirements or conditions of entry, any motions passed, personnel changes during the year).

History of the Nature Division
Nature Division formed
First PSA Nature Print Salon
1946 First Nature Division Who's Who for slides and prints
1947 PSA Journal's Nature Section stated 'that part of nature which man has brought under his domination is no longer considered "Nature"'
1953 Slide Study Circuits begin
1953 Nature Division Star Ratings Instituted
1954 Instruction Slide Set Service introduced
1955 Club Slide Competition begins
1957 Print Circuits begin
1961 Nature Essay Competition instituted
1962 First Nature Division Gold Medal Service Award
1972 First specialized exhibition
1973 Conservation Essays added to Nature Essay competition
1976 Photo Naturalist Award established under Star Ratings
1981 "Nature Division Code of Practice" approved
1991 Galaxies established under Nature Division Star Ratings
1997 Slide (Image) of the Year Award established
1998 Best Wildlife Award added to Nature Section of PSA International
2001 Two Sections, General and Wildlife in PSA International for both slides and prints
2003 Nature definition modified to add and clarify rules for digital images
2006 Nature Division Digital Study Groups begin
2006 PSA International Exhibition has Nature Digital Images, Nature Slides, and Nature Prints2010
2010 New Star Rating Rules eliminate Diamond Star Award and change Galaxy requirements. Photo Naturalist requirements are unchanged.