PSA Service Awards

Service Awards

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PSA recognizes individuals and clubs for their exceptional service with PSA Service Awards.  PSA members are encouraged to propose or endorse deserving individuals and clubs. 

The Service Award Director is appointed by the President and serves 5 years

Deadline: June 1 (to be eligible for presentation at the PSA Annual Conference)
(Special arrangements may be made for foreign members or clubs)

PSA Service Awards for Individuals

PSA Service Award

PSA Service Awards are presented to PSA members in recognition of outstanding service to the Society. These awards are not based on photographic performance, but are given for exceptional service to the Society via local, regional, national, or international efforts that advance the Society's Mission or contribute to the accomplishments of the Society. A Service Award can be presented to a member who has initiated a new service or completed a special project for PSA. There is a minimum waiting period of five years between receiving successive PSA Service Awards for Individuals.

PSA Service Awards for Clubs

Club Service Awards are presented in recognition of photography service efforts made by PSA-member clubs in communities worldwide. The award recognizes clubs participation in photographic projects of a civic nature such as town or area publicity, welfare and charity fund-raising, historical documentation, animal adoption, nature conservancy, community promotion, free holiday or event portraits, and education in the art and craft of photography. There is a minimum waiting period of three years between receiving successive PSA Service Awards for Clubs.

Previous recipients of Club PSA Service Award

Submitting a Proposal

Any PSA member in good standing may propose a PSA member or a PSA-member club for a PSA Service Award. The proposal also needs to be endorsed by a PSA member. Club members, who are PSA members, may propose or endorse their own club. PSA Board Members may propose or endorse members or member clubs (but not their own club) for Service Awards.  Board Members are not eligible to receive a Service Award.

The PSA Service Award Proposal as a PDF (pdf) or Proposal as an interactive PDF (pdf) file is available to be completed and submitted to the Service Awards Director via email. The PSA Service Award Proposal as a Word doc (.doc) can also be downloaded, printed, typed, and mailed to the Service Awards Director.  

» PSA Service Award Proposal Form: Interactive PDF | doc (updated September 2020)

It is the responsibility of the Proposer to furnish the Committee with sufficient information regarding the candidate's contribution to PSA.  The information should be stated as clearly and concisely as possible. The Proposer's statement should be limited to one page. Each Endorser's statement should be limited to one page.

In the proposal for a PSA Club Service Award the Proposer should include:
  • the length of time (number of years) the club has participated in the activity, 
  • the number of members in the club, and 
  • the number of club members that are involved in the activity. 

Service that does not involve photography can be included in the proposal, but the importance of this service would be less than photographic service.

For a Club Service Award the Proposer may also include supporting documents not to exceed three pages. Supporting documents might be, for example, newspaper publicity, documentation showing the involvement of the club, an event program, a PSA Journal article, or record photographs of club service events.