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PSA welcomes donations to help us complete our mission.

PSA is a non-profit corporation with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt designation. For US residents, donations may be tax-deductible. A donor should consult his or her own tax professional. Please download PSA's Gift Acceptance Policy (pdf) for more information.

The following are currently available options for donations.


Used to fund various operations of PSA including the HQ staff, the PSA Journal, educational programs, the Youth Showcase, and the website and IT operations.

Dedicated to the Greenhood Scholarship and Grants Program, assisting undergraduate photography students and others to further their photographic studies. (See link on left for more information.)

Used to preserve, catalog, and exhibit PSA’s historic photographic print collection. (See link on left for more information.)

Created to accept larger donations for investment, protecting the future viability of the Society as well as contributing to its current financial health.  The principal funds remain invested while the interest and dividends may be used for current operations.

It's easy to donate! Choose one of the buttons below to make donations to General Operations, Scholarships and Grants, or the Print Collection Preservation Program.

For Endowment Funds donations, please see asterisk (*), below the red donation buttons.

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Thank you so much for considering a donation to PSA. To donate, please contact PSA Headquarters at and someone will be glad to help you with your donation.

* Donations of cash or readily marketable securities, such as unrestricted stocks or bonds,  with a value of $1,000 or greater may be made directly to the Endowment Fund through PSA.  Further information is available from the Lead Trustee, at ✉ or by contacting  ✉ PSA Headquarters.  

Donations of stocks or bonds which are not readily marketable, marketable stocks or bonds with a value less than $1,000, or other forms of real or personal property may be made through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for the benefit of PSA. Certain restrictions apply. For information contact the Foundation at 1000 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102; (405) 235-5603 or contact Jennifer Meckling at