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The Congress is the most important body in the structure of FIAP. It meets every two years in one of the member countries. One or more organizational members prepare and present proposals at a Congress regarding the location and management of the next Congress. The organizational members present vote on the proposal(s), identifying the best proposal. The selected host organizational member has two years to implement a plan for the next Congress with the help of the FIAP Board.

FIAP General Assembly

The FIAP General Assembly is the official meeting where official business is conducted and it meets once a year between August and December, and every two years during the Congress.

FIAP Photomeetings

FIAP Photomeetings are events organized by national organizational members and approved during the General Assembly. A FIAP Photomeeting is planned to be held in conjunction with each FIAP Congress. FIAP Photomeetings are hosted by photographers for other photographers, a kind of continuous one-week workshop.

Both the Congress and the Photomeeting are a great opportunity to go around with other photographers: shooting; analyzing images; talking about photography; comparing different cultures and techniques; discussing international juries, exhibitions, salons, and workshops. It is a celebration of photographic art.