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The FIAP Clubs’ World Cup (FIAP World Cup of Cubs) is a projected image competition open to individual clubs worldwide. FIAP medals and other awards are made to clubs and to individual images.

Participation Regulations

  • A club entry in the FIAP World Cup consists of twenty (20) images per club, with a maximum of two (2) works by any one author.
  • No judge can be a member of a participating club nor can a judge submit an image to the competition.
  • Photos accepted in previous FIAP World Cups cannot be submitted.
  • Only one participant from outside the club country is allowed.
  • Each author can participate from only one club, even if they belong to other clubs.
  • Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the disqualification of the club, even if the non-compliance is discovered after the judging, and a sanction will be decided by the FIAP Directory Board. Additionally, all awards received will then have to be returned to FIAP.

Entry Guidelines

  • Files for projection and for producing the catalogue should be:
    •    Saved in RGB
    •    JPG format
    •    Compression 8 or 10
    •    2400 pixels minimum for the greatest dimension
  • Can be in color or B&W.
  • All types of creative procedures are allowed.
  • No coherence (no theme) is needed among the images. 
  • Each club selects the images (the collection) it wishes to present.
  • The images must be sent to the World Cup Services through
  • The director of the World Cup Service will send an acknowledgment of receipt of the entry via email.
  • Following verification of the entry images, the director will acknowledge receipt of the files.


  • The club entry with the highest score wins the World Cup of Clubs. In case of ties of the highest points, the judges must decide, otherwise the chairman of the jury must decide.
  • In addition to the World Cup, the following awards are presented: the club in second position: FIAP Gold Medal, the club in third place: FIAP Silver Medal, the club in fourth place: FIAP Bronze Medal, and clubs in the fifth to tenth positions: FIAP Honorable Mention.
  • Every entrant from the club that wins the World Cup will receive a FIAP Honorable Mention.
  • Following identification of the top scoring clubs, the jury will also award: one (1) FIAP Gold Medal, two (2) FIAP Silver medals, and three (3) FIAP Bronze Medals recognizing individual images of exceptional quality. Each member of the jury will nominate their favorite image.
  • Additionally, the jury can decide to award up to five (5) specialized mentions: e.g., portrait, landscape, creativity, etc.
  • Each entrant (author) can receive only one award.
  • Once the scores have been sent to the FIAP Director of the World Cup Service, the director will determine the recipient of the Grand Prize Maurice Dorikens. The Grand Prize is awarded to the club which has obtained the best result in the previous five (5) consecutive FIAP World Cups.
  • The calculation for the gand prize is based on the number of points given for each club rank: ten (10) points for first place, nine (9) points for second, and so on down to one (1) point for tenth place. In case of a tie, the clubs each receive the same number of points. All clubs ranked after tenth place receive no points.

Registration Forms

  • The invitations and registration forms are provided by the FIAP World Cup Service at least four (4) months before the judging. They include all necessary information and details for that year’s World Cup.
  • When the annual FIAP World Cup registration forms are available, a notice will be posted: in the news on the PAA website homepage, on this webpage, and on the PAA Facebook page.


  • Participation in the FIAP World Cup is free of charge for ILFIAP Clubs.
  • Other clubs will pay a participation fee which is established by the FIAP Board and is indicated on the World Cup registration form. For 2017 the fee was 50 Euros (approximately $60.00).