PSA Journal Editorial Stars

Chair, Editorial
Awards Committee

‚úČ Ajay Kapoor· 

leroy.jpg The PSA Journal is prepared by member-writers with feature articles sent to the Editor for potential publication. Publication in the PSA Journal is an opportunity and a benefit of membership; it is not a right of membership.

In 1957 a record of all members' contributions to the PSA Journal was established. The Chair of the Editorial Awards Committee records the points given and the PSA Journal volume, issue, and page number for each article, photo, or column prepared by a member.  Each quarter the Chair sends a notice to each writer with the total of points accumulated during the previous three months. The Silver and Gold Editorial Stars are presented at the Opening Meeting of the PSA Annual Conference.

The points given lead to Editorial Stars. A Bronze Star is awarded when 40 points, 80 points, 120 points, and 160 point are earned.  The Bronze Stars are mailed to a club, council, or Chapter official for presentation to the PSA member.  The Silver Star is awarded for 200 points and again for 400 points.  Gold Stars (Medallions) are presented for 1000 editorial points. 

Recipients of Editorial Stars

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Bronze Star Silver Star Gold Medallion