Photojournalism (PJD) Service Awards

Service Awards

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     The Director of the Photojournalism Division Service Awards identifies those individuals who have helped the Photojournalism Division by providing service to the division throughout the year (e.g., directing a Photojournalism Division program or service, presenting a program at the PSA Annual Conference, serving as an officer of the Photojournalism Division). The Photojournalism Division Service Awards are presented at the Photojournalism Division Meeting during the PSA Annual Conference.            


These awards include:

2011 PJD Service Award recipients:

Commendation Service Award Certificate (given for the first year of service or for completion of a special task)
  • Randy Carr, Exhibition Standards Director
Meritorious Service Award Certificate (presented for more than a year of service in the Photojournalism Division)
  • Keith Gillett, PPSA, Chair, Photojournalist of the Year
  • Elizabeth Pennock, First Vice Chair; Published Picture of the Year
  • Lynn Maniscalco, FPSA, EPSA, Secretary, Club judging services
  • Ken Cordas, APSA, Treasurer and Webmaster
  • Elio Dolente, News Editor
  • John Larson, APSA, PPSA, Study Groups, Quarterly Competition
  • Barbara Pyke, FPSA, PPSA, Director, Honors and Awards
  • Marie H. Schreiber, Director, Star Ratings
  • Carl Sorens, APSA, Exhibition Standards Director - 2010
  • Benjamin Willis, Photo Story Contest