PJD Historian

Division Historian

‚úČ Steven Fisher, FPSA, MPSA·


   The Photojournalism Division Historian is responsible for collecting, recording, and maintaining information deemed important to the Division. An Annual Report is prepared by the Division Historian for the PSA Historian by December 1 each year. This report covers the time from the end of the previous year's PSA Annual Conference to the end of the present year's Conference, in keeping with the Division Office terms.

The Division Historian's Annual Report should include lists of:
  • The Division Officers, Directors, and other Officials
  • The Dates these volunteers served 
  • That year's recipients of Division Awards
  • All Division Activities and Competitions for Individuals
  • All Division Activities and Competitions for Clubs
  • Any important changes within the Division (e.g., changes in program or activity requirements or conditions of entry, any motions passed, personnel changes during the year).

2009 Fees eliminated for division activities 
2005 Digital Study Group and Digital Interclub started
2004 Digital Image Evaluation available
2004 The International Understanding Through Photography (IUTP) Award becomes a PSA Society Recognition Award, sponsored by the Photojournalism Division
2003 Human Interest available as potential additional section for those sponsoring a Photojournalism Division in a PSA-recognized International Exhibition
1993 Published Picture of the Year program started
1989 Interclub Competition began
1984 Permanent Collection established
1976 Photo Story Competition commenced
1972 Photojournalist of the Year introduced
1970 First credit for PJD acceptances toward Star Ratings and Who's Who.
1961 First Photojournalism Division in PSA International Exhibition
1957 International Understanding Through Photography (IUTP) Award established
1944  Photojournalism Division formed