Nature Division Study Groups

Nature Division
Study Groups

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Nature Study Group members have their images evaluated by their peers. PSA members can join a Nature Study Group by completing the enrollment form below. The member's PSA membership number is required to complete enrollment. Additional Study Groups can be established when there is enough interest. Nature Study Groups can also be formed to address a specific theme.



Submit Image(s): 1st of each month

Submit comments: 15th to last day of each month

Commentator's comments: 25th to last day of each month

The Nature Digital Study Group rounds take place every month. Each Study Group member submits an image in each round. The deadline for submitting the images is the 15th of the month and the deadline for submitting comments is the last day (i.e. 30th or 31st) of the month.  The Commentator generally adds his/her thoughts after the group members have commented. Two months worth of images/comments are always on display per group member.


There is no fee for this activity. PSA Membership is required. To enroll in a Nature Division Study Group, complete the online enrollment form:
» Study Groups Enrollment FormInteractive Web Page

Biography & Portrait

Study Group members are asked to submit a brief Biography and an "environmental" portrait before submitting their first image so the rest of the members of the group can get to know the new member on a more personal basis. The Bio should include information regarding the digital equipment the member uses and what digital software they use. This information helps the other members and the Commentator make their comments concerning digital techniques and tips more meaningful and useful.

Preparing Images & Image Description

Scoring and Comments

Nature Study Groups (use Study Group 2 link from left pane )