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Club Judging Services

Clubs Judging Services are available to PSA-member clubs, who wish to have their club members’ images scored and critiqued.  This very popular service is meant to be a learning tool by providing feedback on images.

PSA has qualified judges who volunteer their judging services with proper lead time and scheduling for such activities as monthly club critiques and End of Year scoring.  

This service is for digital images only, sent in electronic format or website access. The judging report, along with limited critiques if requested, will be returned to the contact person via email.  The information below is to be provided in an email and sent to the Club Judging Services Director to have a club judging arranged.

If your club wants to request this service, the club representative needs to 

  1. Log in to the PSA website 
  2. Access the “Clubs Judging Services” under “Consultants” in the Clubs/Councils heading of the PSA Home page 
  3. Contact the Clubs Judging Services Director

To arrange Digital judging, be prepared to provide:

  • Name of PSA-member Club/Council
  • Club PSA Number
  • Contact person, email address, phone number, club position
  • City, State, Country
  • Images judged: Pictorial, Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism
  • Number of images to be judged
  • Date images will be sent, date judging report is due back to club contact person
  • Description of judging needed (e.g., critique, scores, awards)                                 
  • Description of scoring to be used (e.g., 3 to 9, 3 to 5, half points)
  • Number of Awards and HMs to be selected
  • Special instructions (e.g., description of a theme, number of skill levels)
  • Description of judging software used and any computer requirements (e.g., PC, Mac)