PSA was founded in 1934 when the Associated Camera Clubs of America (ACCA), founded in 1919, established an Organizing Committee, decided to enroll individual members, and passed a resolution to change the name of ACCA to the Photographic Society of America (PSA). An outline of the events leading to the founding of PSA was prepared by Tony Patti, HonPSA, FPSA and a chronology of PSA history was prepared by Elena McTighe, APSA, PPSA.

In 2009 PSA celebrated the Society's 75th Anniversary and a series of articles, each relating some aspect of the Society's history, appeared in every issue of the PSA Journal during the year. Enjoy these articles and the related Historical Vignettes below:

  • The PSA Journals History Series - pdf 
  • PSA Conventions - pdf
  • History of the PSA Print Collection - pdf
  • Move from Philadelphia to Oklahoma City - pdf
  • PSA Chapters & PSA Member Councils - pdf
  • The Divisions - pdf
  • The Presidents - pdf
  • Honors and Distinctions - pdf
  • The Evolution of Exhibitions - pdf
  • PSA's Charter Clubs - pdf
  • The PSA Journal - pdf
  • Well-known PSA Members - pdf
  • Looking to the Future... - pdf