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The International Federation of Photographic Art

The Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique (FIAP) is an international non-profit organization whose members are national photography organizations. FIAP is headquartered in Luxembourg and is present in 93 countries on five continents.

FIAP was founded by Dr. M Van de Wijer of Belgium who, beginning in 1946, established links between different national photographic associations throughout the world. The official founding of FIAP took place in 1950 at the first Congress in Bern, Switzerland with delegates from ten countries. In 2004 during the Budapest Congress, FIAP had new statutes and a new headquarters in Paris, France. In 2014 during the Ankara, Turkey Congress, FIAP adopted new statutes and established a social seat in Luxemburg. FIAP is the only international photographic organization that is recognized by UNESCO.

FIAP is managed by nine members of the Board of Directors elected by the Operational Members during the biannual Congress.

The FIAP website (click on the logo) has information about its organization and activities.

The Photographic Alliance of America (PAA) is the only national (country) member of FIAP in the United States of America.

PAA members, i.e., PSA-member clubs and their members, who are PSA members, must access FIAP via the PAA FIAP Liaison Officer.

Joanne Stolte, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP, ESFIAP·
PAA FIAP Liaison Officer
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