PTD Division Newsletter


Margaret Sprott, APSA·

Newsletter Associate Editor
Receives article submissions

✉ John M. Martin·

Newsletter Publisher

✉ Pamela Liu, QPSA, AFIAP·

The PSA Photo Travel Division (PTD) has a quarterly newsletter to communicate via email with those who participate in PTD programs and activities, and volunteers in the division.  The newsletter describes experiences and tips that members have learned from their travels; reviews the various services and activities of the division; and provides up-to-date information regarding division competitions. The newsletter is also posted on this page.

To submit information for the newsletter or request a topic to be addressed in an upcoming issue, please contact the Newsletter Associate Editor indicated above. To be on the email address list to receive the newsletter, contact the Photo Travel Division Membership Chair

For a complete listing of past Photo Traveler articles, see our new index.

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