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Bekir Yesiltas, EPSA, EFIAP

Bekir Yesiltas  finished Anadolu University Photography and Cameraman Department. 400 hours of digital photography and basic photography. The medals (gold, silver, bronze, merit, special), diploma, honorary documentary, honorary documentary, honorable artist selection, jury special awards and exhibitions are exhibited in more than 65 countries in various national and international competitions in various parts of the world. 

Bekir participated in many photo exhibitions. AFIAP in 2016, GPU CROWN 1, GPU APHRODITE in 2017, GPU HERMES, GPU CROWN 2, EIUP, MIUP and PSA 11 stars. In 2018, EFIAP, PPSA, QPSA, GPU CROWN 3 and GAIUP titles were awarded. He is a juror in national and international competitions. He continues his career as a freelance photographer and digital photographer on various projects.

Bekir earned his EPSA in 2019.