2018-2019 Season Competitions

Abbreviations used below: PID (Projected Image Division), ND (Nature Division),  PJD (Photojournalism Division), PPD (Pictorial Print Division), PTD (Photo Travel Division), 3DD (3D Division), CCC (Councils, Clubs & Chapters), YP (Youth Photography).  Information on each competition is listed in the left side pane of this page.

Visit the Results page for cumulative scores of Interclub Competitions. Competition pages that begin with Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, or Round 4 show award winning photos in either a gallery or slideshow format from the corresponding round of that year's competition.

Newsletter Contest

Website Contest

Photo Travel Division (PTD) Photo Essay Competition
Photo Travel Division (PTD) Mini-Photo Essay Competition DIVISION COMPETITIONS
Projected Image Division (PID) Photo Essay

Projected Image Division (PID) Individual Creative

Projected Image Division (PID) Interclub Competition
Projected Image Division (PID) Creative Interclub Competition
Projected Image Division (PID) Portrait Competition
Nature Division (ND) Interclub Competition
Nature Division Image of the Year (IOY)

Photojournalism Division (PJD) Interclub Competition

Pictorial Print Division (PPD) Interclub Competition

Pictorial Print Division (PPD) Print of the Month (POM)

Pictorial Print Division (PPD) Photo Book Essay Contest

Photo Travel Division (PTD) Interclub Competition

3D Division (3DD) Interclub Competition