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2012 PPD Print of the Year Awards

Based on PSA-recognized Exhibitions that took place in 2012 awarded in 2013

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Print of the Year: Large Color  
First: A Moment in Autumn
Stanley Wong, Canada
Second: Also Blackberrys
Rene Faes, Belgium
Third: Pedestrian Crossing #3
Nils-Erik Jerlemar, Sweden
Print of the Year: Large Monochrome
First: Left Mitten Thru Tree BW
Larry Durbin, USA
Second: The Gypsy Chief
Elek Papp, Hungary
Third: Lose Control
Kwan Leung Cheung, Hong Kong
Print of the Year: Small Color
First: Naughty
Joao Taborda, Portugal
Second: Linda of the Forest
Susan Cowles, USA
Third: Orange Eyed Tree Frog
Linda Oliver, Australia
Print of the Year: Small Monochrome
First: Julie in Purple Wrap
Susan Cowles, USA
Second: A Home Forgotten
Gary Potts, USA
Third: My Boy No. 2
Jan-Thomas Stake, Sweden