Shirley Airov-Bieling

Shirley Airov-Bieling is a doctor of traditional naturopathy and an art therapist. Some people call her Dr Shirl. Currently, she is working on research in the homeopathic field. Before working in the homeopathic field, she worked with the arts, including photography to help people in different ways. Her studies included training in the arts, art education, psychology, and traditional naturopathic medicine.

Even as a young girl Shirl liked to draw, paint, and take pictures. Her favorite area of photography is pictorial with a focus on flowers and plants. She also likes to draw and create "creative" photos. In 2014, Shirl joined the Lancaster Photography Association and started entering the Lancaster Photography Association (LPA) and the Southern California Council of Camera Club (S4C) competitions. She has entered the Antelope Valley (AV) Fair in the photography exhibit for many years. Shirl has won awards at the AV fair, LPA,  and S4C.