Current PSA-Recognized Exhibitions

The following are PSA-recognized exhibitions that have agreed to conform to the PSA Exhibition Standards (ES).

Dates are the closing dates for entries to be received. The exhibition's name is followed by the PSA Exhibition number.  Check PSA's Exhibition guidelines and other important information about entering an International Exhibition from the Entering an Exhibition link on the left pane of this page.

Exhibition Standards Directors are in charge of specific divisions and regions:

  • Region 1: All exhibitions except 3D in the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia Slovenia)
  • Region 2: All exhibitions except 3D in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
  • Region 3: All exhibitions except 3D in Europe, including Turkey and Cyprus, but not the Balkans.
  • Region 4: All exhibitions except 3D in Asia except Indian subcontinent
  • Region 5: All exhibitions except 3D in North America, South America, associated territories, Caribbean
  • Region 6: All exhibitions except 3D in Africa, Australia, New Zealand

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