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Kuo-Shih Hwang, EPSA

Kuo-Shih Hwang, EPSA, is from Taiwan. He received his first SLR, which was a Nikon FM2, from his wife when they married in 1982, just before their honeymoon. However he failed to capture great images on his honeymoon due to inexperience, and this encouraged him to take an ecology photography course when he returned. The stunning scenery and rich animal life he saw during the course amazed him and inspired him to take pictures around Taiwan.

The beautiful landscape and rich ecosystem of Taiwan make Kuo-Shih Hwang devote himself to nature photography. After he retired in 2001, Kuo-Shih Hwang put more attention to photography and he entered more contests than before. He was among the top 10 of Overseas Nature Slide Exhibitors for Who's Who in Photography 2006 and the PSA 2006 Open Best Nature Slide of the Year. He received his EPSA and EFIAP/S in 2011.


Beautiful Posture

On Good Terms

The Whole Family

Running Water

Happy Family