PSA Welcomes You  - Thanks for Joining Us!

Joining is just the first step - we want you to enjoy the benefits of your membership. With so many facets of PSA, it might seem a little overwhelming. Where do you begin? Here are some suggestions.

Please note: In order to access services listed below that are listed under Members Only (PSA's members-only benefits area) you must be logged in or you will be taken to the PSA Home Page for login. We suggest you login first and then return to this page.

For hints on how new members can use the PSA website, read: On the PSA Website: First Year Members,
PSA Journal, August 2015.

Get Started
  • Make sure you are properly listed on the PSA New Member List (see link on top of page) for the month you joined
  • Familiarize yourself with PSA, its Board, and its History
  • Choose a Division and find an online study group. Most divisions offer one or more study groups. The overview page of each division will point you in the right direction!
  • Think about attending the next PSA Conference
  • Check out the list of Members-only Discounts you are entitled to receive (requires login)
  • Read back journals of the PSA Journal - accessed through the member's Only page

Earn PSA Awards

Volunteers are the backbone of PSA. Volunteering for a PSA position is the best way to network with other members and to learn the intricacies of the organization. PSA Volunteers are given many opportunities to win awards for service from PSA.

Take Advantage of PSA's Educational Opportunities
  • Take PSA online courses (Enrollment links require login)
  • Get a PSA Mentor to help explore your photographic interests (Links on page require login)
  • Get advice from a PSA Consultant who could help you participate in PSA programs and activities (Links on page require login)
  • Send a few images to an Image Evaluator (links to evaluators require login)
  • Check out PSA's links to resources that may assist you in your photography (requires login)
  • Join a Study Group - available Study Groups are listed within each division

Show Off Your Photographic Abilities