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Yehuda Sameach, MPSA, GPSA

Yehuda has been living and breathing photography from a very young age, and has chosen photography to be his way of seeing and getting to know the world. Throughout his photographic journey, he has focused on human cultures - customs, rituals, folklore, religions, beliefs and lifestyles - of people all over the world.

Through sensitivity and respect, Yehuda has a unique ability to form personal relationships with his subjects, to gain their trust and to make them comfortable around him, often times without speaking their language. That proximity to his subjects, which is clearly evident in his images, allows him to get a close look at their daily activities in their natural surroundings, including intimate moments of prayer and other traditional and cultural practices.

Yehuda is formally trained in photography and is a graduate of a three year program at the "College of Geographic Photography." His work was presented in numerous exhibitions and competitions in Israel and around the world, and he has won several awards and special recognitions. His photographed articles documenting his projects have been published in selected magazines and newspapers such as Nature of Things, World of Photography, Yediot Ahrono, and others.

Yehuda earned his PPSA in 2014 and his EPSA in 2015. He earned his MPSA in 2019. Welcome to see more images on my site http://www.culturesphotography.com/