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José Luis Urbaitel, GMPSA, EFIAP/b, EFAF


José Luis Urbaitel lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he joined PSA in 2007. He works as a lawyer and also teaches photography. He has participated in exhibitions since 2003, earning 400 awards and 2700 acceptances, with 300 different works in 35 countries. In 2009 he received his PPSA. In 2011 he received his EFAF (from the Federation Argentina), his EFIAP/b and his EPSA. He earned his MPSA in 2013 and his GMPSA in 2018. Jose has been Vice President and President of the Federation Argentina of Photography.

He was also director and on the jury in National and International Salons. He has given  conferences in photo clubs and organizations, published articles and portfolios for different media and held several solo and group exhibitions.

In his search for great travel images, Jose has gotten to know wonderful people and beautiful and welcoming areas, especially in Argentina and the surrounding areas.

Annecy Canal
Donia Pacha
Sendero Otonial
Rodeo al Atardecer
Cascada y Fitz


All images © José Luis Urbaitel