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Taraknath Dey, MPSA2·

"It is an immense pleasure to introduce myself to my fellow PSA members. I am Taraknath Dey, born in Calcutta, India and presently a Canadian citizen. Photography was not my hobby, but it was a means of survival through which I have learned and observed people and their daily life, captured it on film and gave it to the publisher and editors of various Tamil & English publication in South India as a freelance photographer.

in the process I have gained the confidence of the masses and earned the highest appreciation, being the personal photographer of the First Lady Of India and many other celebrities. An undying passion of photography led me to achieve various awards in India. Most of my works are in film and I switched to the Digital format after moving to Canada.

I have spent 40 years of my life to learn, earn and assist others who like and love to see the world through the lens. My all-time favourite subjects are Portraits, Landscape, Fashion, News and sports, Children and Weddings. I will be pleased to answer any question or queries regarding photography to best of my knowledge.

For association with PSA and all you talented members itself is a New Beginning. Thank you."

Taraknath Dey earned his MPSA in 2019 and his MPSA2 in 2020.