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Tom Hady, APSA, MPSA

Dr. Tom Hady, APSA, MPSA, started photography when his parents gave him a "develop and print‚" kit for his birthday more than 65 years ago, but he didn't really begin to appreciate what made a good print until he joined a camera club 25 years later.  He began to exhibit large monochrome prints in the late 1970's and has had them accepted in international exhibitions more than 1000 times.  After more than 50 years in the darkroom, he switched to work digitally a dozen years ago, and started to exhibit in color as well, where he now has his first Galaxy in large color prints and stars in both small monochrome and small color prints.

He has served as star ratings director for monochrome pictorial prints for more than 10 years, has judged both international and local competitions, taught, and has served photography in a variety of other roles.

Tom enjoys all types of photography, but he is happiest trying to interpret scenes, especially mountain and water scenes.  He also enjoys making travel pictures and giving shows of the trips.

Kings on Beach

Moraine Canoes

Zion Cliffs

Antarctic Reflection

Two Pletnas

Mt. Chapel

All images © Tom Hady