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Syed Irtaza Amir Hassan Kazmi

Syed Irtaza Amir Hassan Kazmi grew up in Bahawalpur, Pakistan and is currently based in Dubai. Photography is his passion and he loves everything that comes with it. Self-actualized as a street/travel photographer in general but portraitist in particular.

While doing so, he always admires the people he meets, the location he goes to and the freedom in every click. He always tries to capture the absolute reality of everyday life and the passing beauty in between moments by clicking the true spirit and personality of the people.

He says, "I am blessed with an understanding to create a relaxed environment for me & my subjects by engaging conversations, realizing the limitations and developing comfort zones. My style has been described as natural and full of expressions. I try to create such impact with emotions, situations, and energy that viewers can feel the same. I am an Orthotist Prosthetist by profession & Member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum Dubai."