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Sarita Sumaria, SPSA, AICS, cMOL

Sarita Sumaria, AICS, cMoL Sarita comes from the busy metropolitan city of Mumbai. Sarita worked earlier as an R&D Chemist for several years. Her interest in photography started with a point and shoot camera and transformed into a serious passion after joining Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in the United Arab Emirates.

She has achieved the distinction of cMoL (Master of Light Distinction) and Associateship of Image Colleague Society International (AICS) in 2019. She has given presentation in "An Evening of Inspiration" as part of the The RPS events in Dubai.

Sarita has participated in International exhibitions and won many awards. Her preference for nature photography is clearly evident with her images of birds and her trips to wildlife sanctuaries of Africa and India. Sarita is an active member of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum and aspires to make her family proud with her achievements in wildlife photography.

Sarita earned her BPSA in 2019.