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Russel A. Kriete, Hon PSA, FPSA, GMPSA


Russel is from Downers Grove, IL.  He has been a member of PSA and the Chicago Color Camera Club since 1945.  He met his wife Jane at the Camera Club.  As an active exhibitor over the years he has a portfolio of over 500 separate titles and 3500 acceptances.  He received the EPSA Distinction in 2003 and the GMPSA Distinction in 2011.

Russ has volunteered his services to PSA in several positions including Chairman of the PSA Photo Travel Division for four years, Chairman of the Chicago Chapter of PSA for two years, President of the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA), and Secretary of CACCA.

Russel is a well-known lecturer regarding numerous areas of photography and has had photos published in many magazines and books.  He has written articles for Popular Photography, Minicam Magazine, and other U.S. photography magazines.

Abandoned Farm

Alpine Church

Snowmobiles at Biscuit Basin

Senanque Abbey