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Xinxin Chen, GMPSA/P, GPSA

Xinxin Chen, GMPSA/B, SPSA, lives in Fuzhou, China. He attended college for journalism and worked as a sports reporter. During this time he developed photographs using films and color darkroom. In 2009, he began traveling around the world while using a simple digital camera to record various moments along the way, and lead to his interest in the world of professional photography.

Humanist photography has always been his main focus, although he loves landscape and wildlife photography as well. Since 2012, Xinxin has left footprints in dozens of countries and regions, including Africa, Central and South America as well as regions such as Antarctica and the Arctic. Xinxin’s photography experience and works were picked up by a number of media outlets and garnered widespread attention.

Xinxin began to enter PSA-recognized international exhibitions in 2014. He earned his PPSA, EPSA and MPSA in 2017, his SPSA in January 2018, and his GMPSA and GMPSA/B in 2018. He earned his GPSA in July of 2018 and his GMPSA/S, GMPSA/G, and GMPSA/P in 2019.

He set up a club, named 18 D. Gray Image in 2017, he has given individual training lessons, and has served as a judge in many international PSA-recognized exhibitions.