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Wenjie Luo, MPSA

Luo Wenjie, member of China photographers association, Images Copyright Society of China. He has won the 2017 and 2018 top ten photographer of global Chinese, the sixth golden horse award of Chinese art, the first golden eagle award of asia-pacific art, and earned EPSA distinction awarded by Photographic Society of America.

Good at all kinds of scenery and documentary humanities photographic artistic creation, the style of his work is full of vigour and tension but not lose the artistic conception. He has won more than one hundred of medals in major competitions and exhibitions for over fifty countries and regions. Between his photographic practice In more than ten years, he has gone all over China. He has been to Xinjiang a dozen times for photographic creation, from the Sichuan and Tibet plateau, the foot of the Tianshan mountains to the South China, he has created many excellent works. There is no lack of refined and meticulous expression in his photography.

His simple works are full of strong humanistic feelings and full of infinite admiration to the nature. He believes that photography is a very lucky thing, it not only brings him a colorful life, but also allows him to observe the world in a special way and express his understanding of everything in the world. He always uphold piety and enthusiasm to the photography, transmit information and express feelings with silent images. His rational and profound thinking and rigorous artistic attitude can help him extend his future artistic road further and longer.

He earned his EPSA in 2018 and his MPSA in 2020.