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Volker Meinberg, GMPSA/S, GPU Cr5, GPU-VIP4, EFIAP/b

Volker lives in both Hamburg, Germany and New York City. He was a partner and business litigator with a major international law firm before he opted for an early retirement to devote himself to his true passion - photography. He kept his competitive approach through intense engagement in international ph oto contests. To date his list of successful participation covers exhibitions in 90+ countries on five continents with more than 700 awards. He is also a judge in international competitions.

Volker's photography education has been predominantly self-taught. During his many trips to polar regions, he understood the complexity of light and how to capture it in a profound way. Thus traditionally, most of his work has been nature and travel photography. With his presence in NYC, however, recent work increasingly focuses on street photography. Volker joined PSA in 2012 and earned ROPA distinctions in the following years. His GMPSA/S was completed in 2020.