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Stefan Stuppnig, GMPSA, BPSA

Stefan was born in Carinthia, Austria in 1960. In 1977 - he made his first photographic attempts with a simple Kodak. In 1982 - he bought his first SLR camera and has since then, photographed all that can make a good picture, in all areas of photography from macro, to landscapes, travel, nature, sports and of course, people.

In 2011 - he joined a photography club and started entering his work successfully in the World Photography Contest, with several international awards. In 2013 - he was a founding member of a new photo club, where he is the vice-chairman and is an organizer for the National Photographic Association.

In 2014 he Joined the PSA In 2015 he earned his PPSA and EPSA. In 2018 he earned his MPSA. He earned his MPSA2 in 2019 and GMPSA in 2021.