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Richard Cloran, HonPSA, GMPSA·

Rick began entering international projected exhibitions shortly after joining PSA in 1976. He started doing photo-journalism, moved to landscapes and seascapes, and finaly fell in love with nature photography. He has accumulated Galaxy level ratings in PID, Nature, and Photojournalism. He won Kodak Kinsley Awards for excellence and diversity in Nature and Photojournalism. He is also a two time recipient of the Nature Division's Diversity Award given in association with PSA's annual international Nature exhibition. His recent interests have been in printing and in passing on what he has learned through leading workshops and teaching programs.

Rick's past service to PSA includes: Chairman of the Nature Division, Conference Equipment Committee (15 years), Nominating Committee (including Chair), Strategic Planning Task Force, Honors Task Force, and Honors Committee (including Chair). He has served as one of the trustees of PSA's Endowment Funds since 2005, as a member of the Investment Committee since 2005, as the Director of the Subject Identification Service for the Nature Division since 2011, and as a commentator for ND Study Group 2 since 2013. He has served as the Treasurer of the New England Camera Club Council and as a member of the NECCC Scholarship Committee since June 2013. Rick joined the Greater Lynn Photographic Association in 1975. He has been elected as a Life Vice President of GLPA for his years of service to the club.

Rick earned his FPSA Honor in 1991, his EPSA distinction in 2007, his MPSA distinction in 2011, and his GMPSA distinction in 2019. He was awarded HonPSA in 2017.